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Sean Dave Brendan
3 Generations of "Electricianeering"

About Us

We are a family operated electrician service with over 30 years experience in providing outstanding electrical service.  Through three generations of "electricianeering", we live and work by a strong code of ethics.  Because it's not just about doing excellent work, it's about legacy. 



Our primary mission is to make your home, business 
or facility as safe and efficient as possible.


The  first Article in the National Electrical Code 2005, Article 90.1. states:

“The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity”.  At D&L Electrical, we consider this to be our “prime directive”.  Our licenses and certifications demonstrate our commitment to education, training and earning the trust of our customers. 

Most structures in our area (Long Beach/Lakewood) were built prior to the 1960's.  Electrical systems of that time did not anticipate the loads that we now require them to supply.   Non-linear loads such as computer equipment, microwaves, VSDs, PLCs and PCCs were virtually non-existent at that time.  Today, we see these devices in home use as well as commercial and industrial applications.  This can result in unsafe conditions such as fire, shock and arc hazards due to overloading, wear and heat degradation.  These new types of loads, coupled with the inefficiencies of older equipment (motors, heating and cooling appliances, switchgear, circuitry) result in much greater energy costs.  Modern equipment and methods can reduce these costs.  We employ a variety of tools and testing equipment to diagnose existing and impending problems.  We recommend solutions to our customers regarding repair, replacement, upgrade and/or retrofit of electrical and energy systems to mitigate such problems.

Our goals:

  • Increase the safety of persons and property using electrical systems.
  • Decrease the cost of using electrical energy.
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