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What is Infrared Imaging?
    Also known as Thermography, it is the study of reading heat signatures and temperature variations. Taking pictures in the infrared spectrum shows problem areas. Water infiltration, missing insulation, bad seals, and bad electrical connections are quickly spotted with an infrared camera. Thermography is the leading method, in non-destructive testing for preventative and predictive maintenance.


Before Picture in InfraRed


Visual Before Picture

Before Picture in InfraRed
Visual Before Picture

After Picture in InfraRed


 Visual After Picture

 After Picture in InfraRed
 Visual After Picture

With our simple, yet comprehensive reports, our team of certified thermographers and licensed contractors can give you the knowledge you need, and make the repairs, to keep those energy dollars from floating through the ceiling or flying through the walls.




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Safety Tips: Child and Adult

Each year in this country, hundreds of people die, and thousands more are seriously injured in accidents involving electrical fires and shocks. Almost all of these instances could have been prevented by following simple safety guidelines.  This link is under construction, please check back later

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AEE Solar, our supplier for all things solar, is hosting a conference in Mesa, AZ Feb. 17-21 for their dealers. Sean & Dave will be there and plan to take as many classes as time allows.

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